Nov 6, 2020 Many astrologers have been taking to the social media platforms to predict whether President Donald Trump would continue his stay in the.... Jan 19, 2020 But reading the Biden prediction now, I see that it strongly hints at him becoming Vice President. I wrote: the vague indications of the transits can.... The current US presidential election date Tuesday Nov 3, 2020 does not look great for President Trump based on Vedic Astrology. President.... In episode 278 astrologers Chris Brennan and Leisa Schaim look back at the astrology of the 2020 US presidential election, and reflect on what.... Dec 20, 2020 We are one day away from the most important Astrological event of our times. That's right, the alignment of Jupiter and Saturn to form the.... Nov 3, 2020 A recent viral TikTok video by astrologer Maren Altman claims Biden will win the presidency, and the proof is in the stars. We asked our own.... Aug 23, 2020 Will Donald Trump get reelected again in the US Presidential Elections 2020? Who will be the next US president 2020 as per Vedic astrology? 538a28228e

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